A Country Doctor's Notebook
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A Country Doctor's Notebook

 Recognized as one of the greatest Russian modern authors, Mikhail Bulgakov is cherished by readers in his native land and abroad for his biting satire and clear, engaging prose. In this collection of stories, a young doctor fresh from medical school endures the hardships and relishes the rewards of working in a rural hospital that serves the peasant class in pre-Revolutionary Russia. Detailing the numerous complications that arise from treating mostly ignorant patients, the doctor is forced to master his profession quickly and effectively while at the same time remaining calm and detached as his day to day experiences begin to inform his outlook on both the people and culture of his country. Part fiction, part autobiography, A Country Doctor's Notebook demonstrates Bulgakov's growing talents as a writer of powerful language and elegant storytelling.

The only available North American edition, this collection of interwoven stories will appeal to fans of Bulgakov's later work as well as those interested in gaining an insightful glimpse of Russia in the days leading up to the Revolution.

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