Black Star Nairobi

Black Star Nairobi

Book two in the action-packed crime series set in Nairobi featuring an American cop teamed up with a Kenyan partner.

When a bomb explodes in a downtown Nairobi hotel, private detectives Ishmael and Odhiambo quickly make the connection to a murder case they’re investigating. It’s the first big break for their new detective agency, Black Star, formed after they were teamed together as policemen and they tracked down a Rwandan war criminal through the violent Kenyan underworld.

But then the CIA and the local police claim the bombing was the work of Al Qaeda, though it’s clear to Ishmael and O. that something else is going on. They’re under pressure to back off from the investigation, until a startling act of violence tips the scales—and the detectives take off on a round-the-globe pursuit of the shadowy forces that appear to be behind it all.

With Kenya riven by ethnic violence, following the disputed elections of 2007, and Obama on the campaign trail in the United States, Ishmael, an American cop who’d made a new life for himself in Africa, confronts a changed world, where everything he thought he knew gets thrown into doubt—and the only way to find the answers is to go to extremes. 

A thrilling, hard-hitting sequel to Nairobi Heat, from a major new crime talent.

$11.15 $15.95

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