David Foster Wallace: The Last Interview and other Conversations
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David Foster Wallace: The Last Interview and other Conversations

A unique selection of the best interviews given by David Foster Wallace, including the last he gave before his untimely death David Foster Wallace: The Last Interview and Other Conversations charts the growth, both personal and artistic, of a uniquely talented and cherished writer, frequently labeled the best of his generation. In addition to Wallace’s last interview, given to the Wall Street Journal weeks before his death, the volume features a legendary interview with Russian journalist Ostap Karmodi, a conversation with Cleveland State University’s Whiskey Island Magazine from early in Wallace’s career, his famous Salon interview with Laura Miller following the publication of Infinite Jest, and more.

These conversations showcase and illuminate the traits for which Wallace remains so beloved: his incomparable humility and enormous erudition, his wit, sensitivity, and humanity. As he eloquently describes his writing process and motivations, displays his curiosity by time and again turning the tables on his interviewers, and delivers thoughtful, idiosyncratic views on literature, politics, entertainment and discipline, and the state of modern America, a fuller picture of this remarkable mind is revealed.

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