Dispatch from the Future

Dispatch from the Future

Selected as one of Publishers Weekly's "Best Summer Books of 2012"

Leigh Stein’s poetry has been creating a buzz since her days as aNew Yorker staffer. Funny, charming and imaginative, her work deals with the experience of growing up in a world saturated with fantasy and social media, and explores the trials of becoming an adult. Her numerous readings of her work around town—often presented dramatically, sometimes with puppets—made her a local hit.

Now, in the wake of the publication of her beloved first novel, The Fallback Plan, she lives up to the buzz with a funny, charming and imaginative debut poetry collection.

Uncanny yet lyrical, these poems go from the darkest side of Facebook to the remotest corner of the desert. Through online dating, beauty pageants, Greek mythology, and road trips, Stein weaves a tapestry of young women in love and in longing. Post-confessional, like Sylvia Plath raised on MTV, or Anne Sexton on Twitter, Stein knows how to draw readers in with a narrative hook, or a pop culture reference. This irreverent collection points the way to what contemporary poetry can be.


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