Love and Money

Love and Money

Bestselling author Michael M. Thomas turns his gimlet eye—not to mention his gift for wicked plot twists—to the bizarre world of today’s pop-culture, celebrity economy in his latest, Love and Money.

It’s a world that turns on “Stars”—here, a Martha Stewart-like television star who is the keystone of a multi-million dollar television empire, who also promotes a wide range of products, that in turn props up a huge manufacturing industry and a world-wide chain of Wal-Mart-like stores.

So what would happen if she had one little fling—one wild but solitary sexual adventure—that, if known about, would destroy her wholseome image, not to mention put a lot of people out of work? And what if the person who found out about it was her husband, whose disastrous last film seems to have left him diminished in her eyes? And what if he happens to know the world’s best divorce attorney?

The result is a riveting ride through the stuff of our culture—branding and celebrity, fast money and quick burn-outs—and a thoroughly modern take on the eternal battle between morality and expediency. In the deft hands of Michael Thomas, it’s a smart, accurate page-turner about the way of the world and how big money really works.

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