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Lore Segal’s brilliant and some-would-say scathing look at the New York literary scene was a hit when it was first released, and has been a cult classic ever since. Now, it’s back, and as fresh as ever: A witty and whimsical novella about New York poet Lucinella and her adventures among the literati. It starts at a Yaddolike writers’ colony, where life is idyllic, meals are served to you in your rooms, and cocktails are ready at day’s end. Then it moves back home to New York City, where these pampered writers all face the serious, real life questions: Will a different husband, or the right publisher, or the perfect filing system, put life in order? Lucinella, her husband, lovers and friends feel lacking and keep looking—busily going to parties and watching one another’s lives closely for signs of happiness, love and despair. 

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That Whale is Out There, Man!