Rules for Werewolves

Rules for Werewolves
Malcolm, Tanya, Bobert, Susan, Anquille, and Angel roam through the suburbs, never staying in one house long enough to attract attention. They are squatters, occupiers, invaders, and they have run away from their homes, their families, their pasts. They are building a new society, and no one--cops, property owners, innocent bystanders--will stand in their way.

Told entirely in dialogue, Rules for Werewolves follows this group of young men and women as they move from house to house, create laws that they themselves break, and commit acts of terrible, indefensible violence--usually toward their enemies, but occasionally toward one another. Where are they going? What will tear them apart? And why do they call themselves werewolves? These are some of the questions posed by this revelatory debut novel.

Rules for Werewolves is a novel of tremendous poise and control--by turns terrifying, hilarious, and deeply affecting. At once a fractured fairy tale and a haunting vision of American society in decline, this is an unforgettable story of people trying--and usually failing--to create a new life.

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