The Happy Marriage

The Happy Marriage
A painter in Casablanca is paralyzed by a stroke at the very height of his career, and finds himself confined to a wheelchair. Walled up within his illness, he becomes convinced that his marriage is the sole reason for his decline.

As a way out of his all-enveloping depression, he decides to secretly write a book to narrate the tale of his hellish marriage. This work of self-analysis will help him find the courage to break free from a deeply destructive and perverse relationship. However, his wife discovers the manuscript and decides to give her own version of the facts, answering all her husband's accusations point by point and giving her own striking and incisive reinterpretation of their story.

Who is right and who is wrong in this cruel comedy being played out between them? A thorny issue in a society where marriage remains a sacrosanct institution, but where there's also a growing awareness of women's rights. And in their absorbing struggle, both sides of this modern marriage find out they may not be so enlightened after all ...

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