The Right Way to Do Wrong

The Right Way to Do Wrong

 Part exposé, part instruction manual, The Right Way to Do Wrong features history's most famous illusionist revealing the methods of deception---involving everything from burglary, to pickpocketing, swindles, forgery and tricks.

Along the way, he also debunks the secrets of his own and other conjurers' tricks, including rope escape methods such as the "Russian Transport Tie," instrumental in the famous stunt in which Houdini escaped a Siberian prison truck. Also disclosed are the secrets of fire-eating, sword-swallowing and strongmen.

Although remembered more for his spectacular stunts of escapism and magic, Houdini was as clever and nimble a writer as he was a magician, and surprisingly revealing of trade secrets! All of which makes The Right Way to Do Wrong both the ultimate antietiquette guide and proof that things are not always as they seem.

In an exclusive introduction to this volume, Teller---magician, comedian, and non-speaking sidekick of Penn Jillette---breaks his silence on the greatest magician of modern times.

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