The Stop
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The Stop

In 1998, when community worker Nick Saul became executive director of The Stop, it was like thousands of other food banks, offering canned handouts in a cramped, dreary, makeshift space. Today it is a thriving, internationally respected Community Food Center with gardens, kitchens, a greenhouse, farmers’ markets, and a mission to revolutionize our food system. Their message is spreading: Jamie Oliver told his 750,000 Twitter followers that he’d traveled all over the world and never seen anything like The Stop; Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved, told Alternet he was "blown away" by this model of an NGO—whose mission is to work for healthy food, strong communities and political empowerment.

In a voice that’s “never preachy” (Maclean’s), Saul argues that we need a new politics of food in which everyone has a dignified, healthy place at the table. The Stop is a “riveting” personal story (Naomi Klein) about overcoming obstacles and creating lasting change.

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