The Story of My Assassins

One of the most explosive books to ever come out of India, The Story of My Assassins is gripping from its first sentence: "The morning I learnt I'd been shot I was sitting in my office on the second floor looking out the big glass window at the yellow ringlets of a laburnum tree. . ."

When a celebrated journalist learns the police have captured five killers on their way to assassinate him, he launches an intense investigation into the lives of his would-be murderers---one that forces him to reexamine his own life, as well.

His investigation creates a sweeping saga of life in modern India---one that takes us from the lavish, hedonistic parties of India's elite, to the seedy slums of Uttar Pradesh, home of the five jailed assassins.

The protagonist realizes that none of these men now held in custody---village waif, stray or dangerous thug---could have masterminded the plot against him. "They are no more victims than any of us---trapped in the lives we have been given." So who wanted him dead?

Tarun J. Tejpal writes, clear-eyed yet with great compassion, about the gritty inside story of modern India.


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